Phases Of Growth & Investments

First 1000 Members

$50,000 in monthly membership dues is needed to make our first investment.

Phase One: Membership Growth & Investment Vetting Process

Stability In Membership & Expertise

The health of the organization is dependent on a solid membership base. We must reach 1,000 supporting members before we make our first investment. While membership is increasing we will be researching, identifying & vetting  businesses to launch and acquire.

Phase Two: First Acquisition

Purchase & Profitability Operations

Our first project should launch late summer to early fall 2021.   At the moment, a grocery store/brand incubator  is being vetted as the founding project which has the potential to build over 300 Black Owned Brands annually.  Our first project will be wholly-owned by members of the Nubian Fund. Full members of the Nubian Fund will get a chance to attend the ribbon cutting and their immediate family will get priority job placement. 

Operations & Profitability

Road to 10,000 Members

Phase Three: Scale & Growth

To the sky & beyond

We scale membership and acquisitions to have more social impact in our community &  generate significant returns for The Nubian Fund Investment Collective. 

Liquidation & Reinvestment

For sustained impact The Nubian Fund will eventually be in a position to sell our assets to re-liquidate and scale further. Liquidity allows us to service the debt required to scale and continue growth exponentially. We are embracing Employee  Ownership to ensure the impact to our community remains and that the ownership of the businesses we launched remain in the hands of our community.  ESOP’s allows employees to purchase ownership in a business by small withholding from a paycheck. ESOP’s are now eligible for small business loans via the SBA. We are targeting 3-5 years from launch to liquidation event.

Employee Stock Ownership Plans