The Nubian Method

The way we ensure maximum impact and sustainability.



Every aspect of our model is driven by data. We ask the right question and get the right answer. 


Industry Expertise

Once we identify a niche industry, we grow within that space until we become the market leaders. This is essential to all success.



All loan recipients will receive mentoring fro the industries best consultants to assist them in everyday business development decision making.


Debt Financing

All investments are made via  short-term venture debt loans ranging 24-48 months.  Profits from loan interest is reinvested into the fund or into more equity stake.


Equity Stake

The Nubian Fund takes a significant equity stake in  business to invest in to ensure the best outcome and maximum benefit to our community and investment goals.


Continual Growth

The goal of business is to turn profit but we also seek to achieve impact. We seek to grow companies until they are the leaders of their industry and have maximum community impact.