Selected Your Desired Membership Level

Membership dues are whats used to used to fuel the Nubian Funds activities.

Monthly Members
$50 Monthly
You will gain immediate access to membership rights. After 12 months, you'll be eligible to hold a board position.  

Board-Eligible Member
By pre-paying 12 months of membership dues upfront you immediately become eligible for a seat on the board of trustee.

Submit Membership Dues To Get Immediate Access To Members Portal For Onboarding.

All members are required to contribute $50/monthly to the collective funds. Your contribution is what allows us to operate.

What is the difference between the two memberships?

Our organization is run by a board of trustee. These trustee are elected by our members. In order to be eligible for the position on the board of trustees, you must be an active member for 12 months. Since we are just launching, a 12 month commitment of dues will suffice. The difference between the two memberships is that one become immediately eligible for a board position.

Are membership dues refundable?

Yes, membership dues are fully refundable within the first 24 hours after submitting details.

What are the membership benefits?

Members receive the right to plan, manage, invest in and profit from all of the Nubian Fund investments.

Ownership Share

The Nubian Fund flagship project is the Largest African American Owned Supermarket in American Super-Market.  Until the groundbreaking ceremony, all active members will receive a  portion of ownership in the supermarket.