3 Major Investment Areas. 

These area were chosen because these 3 areas have the most affect on community development.

Food Distribution

Food cost account for over 1/3 of living expenses in many of our working class communities. Big box stores such as Walmart & Aldi’ are detrimental to our neighborhoods. We seek to capture this market with local affordable supermarkets.

Incubating Black Brands 

Even a black owned grocery store will be filled with non-black owned products. This is why our supermarket will incubate African-American food entrepreneurs and act as a central point for distribution and brand development.

Incubating Supply Chain

For full scale black ownership, owning the supermarket and brands doesn’t suffice. We need to also control essential inputs such as packaging production & farming operations. When appropriate, we will incubate food input businesses,

Phase One: The Supermarket

Supermarkets & Food Product Incubator

20% of our income is spent on in-house food consumption. The supermarket primarily goal is to distribute food to our community and build a platform for African-American owned product incubation and production. By owning and operating supermarket we have the unique capacity to build incubate Black Food Product Entrepreneurs.

Incubation of Product Entrepreneurship

 Leveraging the supermarkets as a distribution point, we have the unique capacity to build more black owned food brands. Our supermarket will have a food lab, packaging factory and food incubation program for African-American entrepreneurs. 

Phase Two: Incubation

Phase One: Vertical & Horizontal Expansion

Horizontal & Vertical Integration Of The American American Food Production Chain

Our supermarket will prioritize sourcing from “our members” who own businesses that provide input product and services to food producer. Businesses such as farming, packaging, boxing, trucking and equipment suppliers. Our goal is to incubate and increase black-ownership throughout the entire value chain.